Moving Towards The End of Energy Crisis

Moving Towards The End of Energy Crisis
Why to Live with Less Energy?
Exploring Philosophical, Astronomical and Cosmological Foundations of Perpetual Motion in Vedas
Basic Fundamentals of Perpetual Motion
The Suppression of Inventor and Crucifixion of Perpetual Motion
The Mystery of Dynamic Universe:
Truth of Perpetual Motion and Limitations of Science, Exploring Ancient Wisdom
Flaws, Fallacies and Follies in Name of Science, Where Science Went Wrong?
The Story of Mans Hunt For Free Motive Power and Energy Perpetual Motion Retold
Perpetual Motion Retold From Discovery to Innovation. Part II
Councilor Orffyreus. Forgotten Inventor of Perpetual Motion
The Law of Conservation Of Energy A Long Stride on a Wrong Path Part I
The Law of Conservation Of Energy: A Long Stride on a Wrong Path, Part II
Free Energy Revolution, A Brief History of Free Energy
A Treatise on Design of Gravity Perpetual Motion
Energy From Nothing Perpetual Motion Bridges Science Technology and Religion
How Did It Happen? A Brief Story of My Journey of Perpetual Motion
The Loud Cry of A Perpetual Motionist. Is He a Crackpot or genius?
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Full Title: Moving Towards The End of Energy Crisis, Rejuvenating Perpetual Motion For A New World and Realizing the Dream of Free Energy. The Greatest Exploration of Perpetual Motion Ever Taken In the Light of Basic Essentials of Vedic Thermodynamics


Volume 1
Front Cover

Lenght of First Volume : 375 pages

About Author and EEC Series of Books


Besides having a career in Inorganic chemistry, Dr. Ramesh Menaria, M.Sc., M.Ed., Ph.D. has carried out extensive researches in Gravity perpetual motion. He is celebrated author of present series of books entitled- “Moving Towards the End of the Energy Crisis” consisting of eighteen volumes including the acclaimed popular book - “Wisdom of Vedas and Follies of Science.”

 In EEC series, author represents an overview of modern scientific theories of energy, matter and universe and their incompleteness to explain essence of energy, life and other strange phenomena. Subsequently, he presents an alternative paradigm of energy, science and perpetual motion from Vedic perspective. He defies bugaboo of energy crisis and considers it as due to ignorance of man. He demonstrates that primary sources of energy are not limited when reinforced by art of perpetual motion.


By this, he infers that natural forces are constitutionally endowed with capacity to perform work ad infinitum as demonstrated by gravity motor which is capable of meeting energy demands of home and industry on an universal scale.  Each of the eighteen volumes is a complete book in itself and deals the subject matter in accordance with respective title. However, to fathom the profundity of the energy and perpetual motion, author suggests readers to go through entire EEC series. First volume presents the overview of EEC series. Volume 2 deals with primary energy resources and shows their limitations in comparison to readily available, free of cost gravity, easily harnessed by gravity motor. Volume 3 explores Vedic thermodynamics which is in flagrant contradiction with laws of thermodynamics as Vedic philosophy; astronomy and cosmology are based on perpetual motion. Four volumes, no. 4 to 8 are devoted to explore perpetual motion,  suppression of inventors, limitations of science, fallacies and  flaws in laws of science; frauds in science.  Three volumes 9, 10 and 11  deal with history of perpetual motion in ancient and medieval times,  Renaissance  including works of Cornelius Drebbel, Edward Somerset and other inventors. Volume 11 is exclusively devoted to Orffyreus and his perpetual motion wheels, and Volume 12 and 13 show that development of law of conservation of energy is a long stride on a wrong path with which science went wrong.  Volume 14 explores recent advances in free energy.  Volume 16 “Energy From Nothing and Mystery of Zero Energy” deals with popular subject of science and religion and shows how perpetual motion by ‘creating energy out of nothing’ serves as a link between both, science, technology and religion. . Author also represents his own story of perpetual motion in volume 17.  Volume 18   “The Loud Cry of A Perpetual Motionist. Is He a Crackpot or genius?  An Enquiry Into The Methods, Philosophy And Life Of A Perpetual Motion Inventor” deals with general philosophy of perpetual motionists. Above all, author discusses the nature of gravity, how to identify proper natural force to design a perpetual motion machine. It is hoped that knowledge of methods contained in volume 15 will enable readers to design a gravity motor for themselves to create unlimited power out of nothing to perform all kind of works. In writing of entire EEC series, author combines the wisdom of great philosophies of the east and west and experience of earlier inventors and apply them to rejuvenate perpetual motion once again. Through his works, it is hoped perpetual motion will  once again attract the minds of intellectuals and general public.

This Work is Dedicated to



His Divine Grace Deva Ramananda,


A Visionary Saint for the Modern Scientific Age, and Founder of ‘ZERO’

(Zero Energy Research Organization)


Also, I dedicate this work on the perpetual motion to all men of power; shaper of the destiny of mankind by work and action; religious and secular leaders, philosophers, statesmen, inventive engineering and scientific pioneers, social organizers, builders of industry; and above all to Almighty!


Preface to this Volume




ue to shortage of energy and high cost of energy, we are bound to spend less energy. Our ignorance of the true nature of energy and defective methods of energy generation have caused burning problem of energy crisis. There is need to review our ancient wisdom and recover lost art of perpetual motion. The need to eliminate energy crisis, and the steady demand and increasing popularity of perpetual motion and free energy- of which hundreds of patents have been registered since first patent appeared in 17th century, and progress thereafter in methods of free energy generation- have brought the present “End of the Energy Crisis” series of books into being. It attempts to correct the errors in the foundations of science to validate the production of free energy from the gravity perpetual motion. the series invites readers to learn the forbidden secrets of the mysterious “gravity perpetual motion” which has taxed the minds of millions of research scholars. It is first time that in this series of books author has released sufficient information for any competent perpetual motion inventor to replicate a version of the Orffyreus’ perpetual motion wheels. The work which follows is based on wisdom of Vedas and it is an effort to bring to light forgotten and neglected elements of the perpetual motion and ‘Science and Technology of Energy Creation’ as revealed in Vedas. The present volume emphasizes need of perpetual motion as one of the most powerful methods of unlimited free energy generation. At physical level, the object of the writer is to impress on the minds of young students enormous value of investing their time in great endeavors to invent perpetual motion, to render the effects of causes greater than the causes themselves; or, in other words, to gain power out of no-thing, a secret that has been lost in mist of time which can be panacea to mankind with infinite potential. Information contained in the book guides students to invent and develop various designs of perpetual motion especially, Swastika shaped over-balancing wheel originally proposed by Indian astronomers, Brahmagupta, Lallacharya and Bhaskaracharya. ....


The entire work rests on foundations of eternal knowledge of ‘Science of Energy Creation’ contained in Rg Veda which is a divinely inspired code of powers of nature personified into gods. While scientists are using high-energy particle accelerators and powerful space telescopes to fathom mysteries of universe, our Vedic sages, in their esoteric meditations, applied their mental energy to fathom mysteries of universe, and blind sage like Dirghatamas detected many designs of Perpetual motion wheels in the structure of the heavens. In Rg Veda, we find Rbhus as the group of celestial intelligences creating many inventions for the welfare of human race by imitating the diverse mechanisms governing the creative processes in cosmos. A real perpetual motionist is one inspired to nobler living of inventor by this code- “Idd Nan Mmam, nothing for self”, all for society. He is identified as Rbhu by this code which is his source of inspiration and illumination. Thus, we may say that a Rbhu is one who receives his inventive ideas and ideals from the hymns of Rg Veda and adopts a philosophy based on synthesis of technology and religion as promulgated by Rg Veda. Most of the hymns and mythology of Rg Veda are of a sacred nature; much of it is woven into the structure of Vedic religion. Hymns sung in praise of powers of nature contain basic information about essential nature of natural forces in Rg Veda that may assist the perpetual motion student of today to realize the tremendous and undreamed-of shire of knowledge that lies hidden in the codes which he often hears but seldom analyzes.....


Celestial wheels of Dirghatamas reveal that the universe is in a state of perpetual motion that offers us various designs of perpetual motions. We are here to learn and imitate them, and our presence here proves need of instruction for those who are on wrong path and ignorant of perpetual motion. Physicists are group of people gathered together in the fashion of theorizing about universe in accord with putative law of conservation of energy that erroneously rejects perpetual motion; they are obviously on a wrong path, while perpetual motionists are usually isolated individuals in labor of learning great secrets of nature. Every soul in perpetual motion is engaged in a great work - the labor of creating a device which would create energy out of no-thing and end the labor by performing all kind of works. Without free energy, there is no real freedom. When we are working with perpetual motion, we are on right path as we are in harmony with nature, we are enriching nature; more appropriately, we are expressing the same principle, same phenomenon that works behind nature. ....


Perpetual motion is the perfect wisdom of God that has revealed itself through a secret hierarchy of illumined minds, from time to time, in history of mankind. Let's look at the perpetual motion story in all its glory. Works of medieval Indian astronomers, Brahmagupta, Lallacharya, Bhaskracharya; and in west, Peter Peregrinus, Cornelius Drebbel, Kircher, Edward Somerset, Orffyreus, and at present of Deva Ramananda in India are monuments standing for what humanity has potential to achieve the alleged ‘impossible’ – the perpetual motion and develop it for our welfare. It is mere irony of fate that those who give man the things he needs, are seldom appreciated in their own age, but are later recognized as the Saviors of the human race. They stand as memorials to the unfolding mind of man. They deserve glory as they paved the way for man to acquire more efficient and more intelligent methods of attaining perpetual motion. Blessed are those who can profit by the experiences of them. By understanding and adding to that which has already been built by them, we can make our inspiration real, our dreams practical.


....The failure to understand perpetual motion and the resulting failure to explain nature of energy, force and motion are precisely the reason physicists are dealing with physical reality which is fatally flawed. Based on erroneous experiments with heat and its relationship with work, the law of conservation of energy is one of most perfect examples that point out the fallacy of creating laws based on limited observations and then applying the laws to all subsequent facts in universe and their misinterpretation. Scientists were extremely reluctant to test law of conservation of energy by inventing perpetual motion machine because of the embarrassment of either law being proven wrong or of failure to obtain perpetual motion, they thought it was enough for to know that a large number of attempts to construct perpetual motion machine had failed then so far. They were not interested to look into the genuine cases where some perpetual motion inventors had successfully demonstrated truth of perpetual motion up to the satisfaction of the examiners. If they took interest in these cases many questions would be raised so they did not care about them.


...Concerning the no place occupied by Perpetual motion in science today, I would say that prejudiced scientists  have learned to consider their  own philosophy as the only inspired one rejecting perpetual motion, and this probably accounts for the one of the greatest blunders and the misunderstanding in entire history of the scientific world today. The explanations put forward by scientists to reject perpetual motion presented in the preceding pages are of such complicated and ridiculous structure that it is impossible to explain anything from them. The only interest in their explanations must arise from the opportunity they afford of observing the weakness of the human reason to consider perpetual motion as something impossible.  It is better to abandon them all, and to discuss in a general way how Perpetual Motion can be obtained by devices constructed on similar plans. Nicola Tesla said:  “In all of this we have not yet spoken of free energy. That is because free energy is not part of this world. Free energy comes from a place where limitation is not the paradigm of Mankind, and ownership and control are ideas which have been forgotten long ago. In the sense that free energy is available now, the contemporary establishment is confronted with something it does not want to understand, because in its understanding all other realities are shattered.” Perpetual motion is need of time. They have yet to realize that science is ‘shame’ and technology is ‘lame’ without perpetual motion. You cannot be economically and industrially advanced unless you are technologically advanced, and you cannot be technologically advanced unless you are advanced in science and engineering of perpetual motion or free energy....


...Many ordinary men spending many years in the pursuit of perpetual motion deserves our praise and gratitude, and those who consider or considered themselves to be great scientists or great philosophers or authority, who rejected perpetual motion in a fraction of minute without much investigation, deserve our rebukes as their explanations are nothing but looked upon as ‘empty boasts’ by perpetual motionists.  It is unfortunate that in case of perpetual motion long generations of scientists and engineers have been bankrupt in their ingenuity as they have failed to raise a pendulum even an inch higher than its point of descent and thus, conceive possibility of perpetual motion. Instead of ridiculing perpetual motion, they were wise, "Persevere in perpetual motion" should have been every one's advice. ...


Concerning place of science in perpetual motion, I would say that in spite of our suppression, we have not rejected anything in science except law of conservation of energy and strict adherence to their scientific method. In spite of many frauds, follies and fallacies in history of science, we have never ridiculed them as they have ridiculed us and our long generation without any truthful reason. It is our magnanimity that we have not out rightly rejected scientist as they have excommunicated us from science. We still hope that they would realize their errors and would be converts by adopting our philosophy and methods of power generation.


  THE Author -- the perpetual motionist, is rather ashamed for the long delay, which has occurred in the appearance of this work.  It has been occasioned by some adverse circumstances and the enormity of the undertaking.  Even the eighteen volumes now printed do not complete the whole scheme including advanced perpetual motion and anti gravity, however these eighteen volumes deal exhaustively the basic essentials of perpetual motion.  A large quantity of material dealing with the history of perpetual motion has already been revised, as suggested by Deva Ramananda also showing the bearing of perpetual motion philosophy upon the lives of people, as it would be and as it ought to be.  Should the present volumes meet with a favorable reception; no effort will be spared to carry out the scheme of the work in its entirety.  This scheme, it must be added, was not in contemplation when the preparation of the work was first announced to Anna. As originally announced, it was intended that the series “The End of Energy Crisis” should be an amended and enlarged version of “Secret Doctrine of perpetual motion.”  It was, however, soon found that the explanations and other works dealing with perpetual motion were such as to require a different method of treatment for the layman interested in perpetual motion: and consequently, the present series of volumes contain everything on perpetual motion. Please note that there is nothing original in what I have written; these ideas have been expressed all through ages. In fact, there is nothing new under the sun, yet every dawn brings freshness and joys to us when we are awakened and experience new light. ...


The EEC series primarily focuses on perpetual motion as the effective method of energy generation. Besides this, the volume entitled “Energy from Nothing” provides an in-depth metaphysical interpretation of perpetual motion that shows parallel between implications of perpetual motion and the eastern mysticism. In presenting the EEC series, an attempt is being made to present perpetual motion in such a way that it is fit to become part of unified philosophy and science, but at the same time, it exposes the limitations of science and shows glaring errors in the fundamental laws and theories of science in the light of perpetual motion. Since the primary focus of EEC series is science and engineering of perpetual motion, it is obvious that next focus is largely on the law of conservation of energy by which scientists have been “mapping” the wide domain of natural phenomena, thus, we have two exclusive volumes on the development of law of conservation of energy and its criticism.

I have not attempted to introduce any new philosophy in science but rather to rejuvenate the ancient doctrine of perpetual motion, to expose folly of well established theories and retain the age old philosophy of the ancient and medieval times which by virtue of the truth contained in them is likely to prevail forever. Words may change but not the spirit of the old wisdom which, by dictum “Satyat nasti Paro dharmah” “There is no Religion higher than Truth” is sure to find its expression in the writings of man who loves truth for the sake of truth only than anything else. Any theory claimed to be new will not survive if it pretends to be new or modern by obscuring the truth.


....I am not going to set up a complete definition, laws and theories of perpetual motion from which one could derive all the laws and theories of physics. Such a systematic presentation would be a hard job as it would require additional invention of perpetual motion based on electromagnetic forces and other fundamental forces of nature. It would be a voluminous work, and reader so far not exposed to correct science and engineering of perpetual motion would not know how to find the points to which he should direct his attention....


.....But even at this beginning stage of perpetual motion, invention of the over-balancing wheel and results of logical analysis suffice to call for the fundamental changes in the established laws and theories of science. Perpetual motion as described here in present series of books is not just an invention but a revelation on the part of author! But these truths are in no sense put forward as a revelation; nor does the author claim the position of a revealer of esoteric tradition, now made public for the first time in the world's history. For what is contained in this work is to be found in totality in the wisdom of Vedas and scattered throughout many volumes embodying the classical work of the great Orffyreus’ “Apologia Poetica” Edward Somerset’s “Century of Inventions” and Raja Bhoja’s “Samarangan Sutradhara.  But they all, hidden under glyph and symbol, and hitherto left unnoticed because of the veil. What is now attempted is to gather the oldest tenets together and to make of them one harmonious and unbroken whole to demonstrate that perpetual motion is an ancient art, easily achievable, and finally, that it is golden  road to unlimited power.  The sole advantage, which the writer has over his predecessors, is that he is well trained in science and possesses scientific temper; he understands basics and true spirit of science. He need not resort to speculations and theories about work, energy, and power. His works easily enables you to design a perpetual motion machine for yourself to get free and unlimited power out of nothing and this work also enables you to imbibe the basic concepts of energy, work and power in the light of perpetual motion and eventually, helps you to realize that how scientists are in gross error in explaining these basic concepts by rejecting perpetual motion..  For this work is first attempt of its type. Never before, any secret doctrine has been disclosed this way. Author has done what he himself has been taught by his Guru, supplemented, in a few details only, by the results of his own study and observation on perpetual motion machine. It has been my   endeavor to work out a complete system of thought from the few facts communicated by the wild and fanciful speculations in which many old perpetual motionists have indulged during the past.

It is needless to explain that this series of books is an open treatise on perpetual motion with its fundamental tenets, special attention being paid to some facts, which have been seized upon by various writers, and distorted out of all resemblance to the truth. It is more than probable that the book will be regarded by a large section of the public as a romance of the wildest kind.  The writer is fully prepared to take all the responsibility for what is contained in this work, and even to face the charge of having many shortcomings.  He is fully aware of the insult to the perpetual motion inventor made by the physicists during the last few centuries. It makes no difference. He is accustomed to abuse; he is daily acquainted with insult; and moreover, slander only causes him smiles in silent thought. All that he claims for EEC series  is that, this work, ordinary yet it may seem to many disbelievers and to physicist, but I am sure  any prudent  reader would find that  its logical coherence and consistency entitle this new work to rank, at any rate, on a level with any renowned scientific work. Further, present EEC series claims consideration, not by reason of any appeal to dogmatic authority, but because it follows all norms of a scientific study, it closely adheres to observations and experiments, and follows the laws of uniformity and analogy. ....


To sum up, the aim of this work may be stated: to enable man to design  perpetual motion machines to solve his energy problems, to show that perpetual motion is a serious subject neither as scientist have shown to students and nor also as few charlatan inventors have projected to public, to show that perpetual motion is a universal law which Nature displays in her grand creation, to show that Nature is not “a fortuitous concurrence of atoms,” and to assign to man his rightful place in the scheme of the Universe; to rescue from degradation the archaic truths which are the basis of all religions; and to uncover, to some extent, the fundamental unity from which they all spring; finally, to show that the perpetual motion  has never been approached properly by the science and to show that perpetual motion has great utility and  it deserves  recognition in science. If this is in any degree accomplished, the writer would feel amply rewarded. 


....The EEC series of books is written in the service of humanity; and by humanity and the future generations, it must be judged.  Its author recognizes no inferior court of appeal. Readers, the view of free energy and perpetual motion which I wish to lay before you have sprung from my Vedic studies, and in addition, also from my experiments with over-balancing wheel, and therein lays their strength. They are radical. Besides my own experience, when I speak against orthodoxy of science and falsity of law of conservation of energy, I speak on behalf of His Divine Grace Master Deva Ramananda, a visionary saint and prophet of perpetual motion for the modern Age, and as well, I speak on the behalf of   the voice of worldwide perpetual motion community as we all are fellow travelers on same path. Once you learn the secret of over-balancing wheel or secret of perpetual motion, you experience the tranquility it brings; physics and laws of thermodynamics are doomed to fade away into mere shadows. Perpetual motion is one single unifying principle in nature that has so far eluded scientist. It is expected that perpetual motion that creates energy from nothing will serve as a key fundamental discovery that will have a ripple effect through patchwork of scientific theories, it will redefine fundamental concepts, and often poorly understood theories in science today, in clear physical terms....



Dr. Ramesh Menaria

Derashree Shiksaska Sadana

Rajasthan University Campus








Finally, I should acknowledge many debts.  The perpetual motion and the thoughts associated with it are in no way are personal but represent largely the normal conception of a perpetual motionist about his machine and the world, as he perceives them. Author recognizes and wishes to acknowledge his great indebtedness to all those previous perpetual motionists whose ideas, or works he has read, heard about or received stimulus from.


Perpetual motion is an age old problem which, through subsequent times, has been restated, re-illustrated and reinvented by the inventors in many different parts of the world. By irony of fate, perpetual motion which vanished most of the times has yet to win in struggle its right to exist and find recognition in science.  What I have attempted is, therefore, to rediscover it in a new light.  I do not pretend to claim to be the discoverer of perpetual motion or the inventor of perpetual motion; I can only claim that I have given novelty to that which was old and in the dark, condensation to that which was diffused and scattered, placidity and transparency to that which was obscure and currency to that which was recondite. I have tried to  put before you the quaint truth, to speak thoughts of ancient perpetual motionists in the language of the moderns so that readers can understand that perpetual motion is worthy of investigation and not a waste of the time as scientists have ridiculed it. I take credit to myself only to the extent my own humble experience and practices as a sincere perpetual motionist have enabled me to present the subject in a lucid and simple manner.


I should not represent this work without remembering the Councilor Orffyreus and my master Deva Ramananda - my friend, my teacher without whose timely help the work connected with perpetual motion  would never have been possible.  In this work, if I have spoken any thing new, it is through his mouth, if I have written any thing new, it is through his hand and contemplated any thing new, it is through his mind. I cannot claim any thing to be my own.  In fact, there is nothing new under the Sun. The only novelty in my work is the attempt to explain and remind what has been forgotten about perpetual motion already discovered since the times of Vedas to present.


Nothing has been more removed from my thoughts than the intention of giving offence to physicist by any expression contained in these pages, I have, however, used my right of independence of thought and freedom of speech.  If, therefore, my remarks should give offence to physicist, I am willing to take the responsibility for such statements. It is time physicist must rethink calling perpetual motionist a crackpot, phony.  This has been my effort that perpetual motion should be given a right place, which it deserves


 With the complete typescript in front of me, with a word of dedication to the Councilor Orffyreus, I am strongly aware of all that has been omitted in these volumes because of some weaknesses.  I have no training in the engineering; hence, there was a great handicap in assimilating and comparing some of the common concepts existing in the present study of the perpetual motion with the basic sciences, engineering, and the philosophy.  However, with the assistance of the experts in the field, I have attempted to develop the engineering aspects of perpetual motion machines.  With my limited knowledge, resources, and funds, so far I have only been able to provide hints to develop gravitational perpetual motion machines.  I have tried to design them as simple as possible, yet the subject being technical much remains to be done by the experts in the engineering. The time is not far when considerations of the demand from other fields will utilize perpetual motion in its diverse forms to meet specific purpose, I must therefore retire from the scene and leave, others- I trust more competent -to take my place. Perpetual motion machine and other prime movers of the future will be designed and developed by the perpetual motionists who will have a strong foundation in mathematics and the engineering. These perpetual motionists will be the top engineers of the 21st century.  Now time is come when perpetual motionist will meet the scientist on a common ground and will speak with them in a command language.


Henry Dircks’ and Ord Hume’s books proved invaluable. Collins work on Orffyreus’ life deserves laurels.  It was their books that provoked me to begin writing on this topic; and it was again Dircks’ book as patent resource to which I most often turned in the course of working out my own thoughts about the design of perpetual motion. I would like to thank all who commented on the manuscript, they provided a wealth of detailed criticism, challenges, encouragement, and suggestions. While maintaining a correspondence with many perpetual motion enthusiasts and  many friends like Glenn Robert Rouse, through e mails, I have chosen to follow their advice in many places; but I have also been bold, or foolhardy, enough to decline some as well.  I would like to thank publishers. I will also thank physicists who have been able to bear with my perpetual motion and still maintained a fair dialogue with me. Thanks, too, to all those who have written to me with comments. My thanks to my Guru Deva Ramananda, who has taught me so much about perpetual motion and life. By his blessings, during the writing of this EEC Series, my own understanding of perpetual motion has deepened considerably. For this, I am also indebted to Paramhansa Gadbadanandana Gantala, Gaurakha and Dhela Ram. My family had to endure strange manners of a perpetual motionist, my tinkering with machines. Their forbearance was inspiring. Finally, I am indebted to my mother Narayani Devi (a rare woman who loves metaphysics) for her generous promise to financially support publication of this EEC Series.  My thanks to her helping hand to construct this rather large and ambitious book, she offered encouragement when my enthusiasm and stamina flagged. She maintained a sense of humor in the face of adversity! And with appreciation to the great philosophers of the past who devoted their lives in pursuit of Truth and Wisdom.


 Ramesh Menaria

रमेश मेनारिया  


















The Essential Plan Of The EEC Series Of Books          



Volume 1




Rejuvenating Perpetual Motion for a New World and Realizing the Dream of Free Energy


The Greatest Exploration of Perpetual Motion Ever Taken In the Light of Basic Essentials of Vedic Thermodynamics




Volume 2




Primary Sources of Energy and Their Limitations

Gravity Motor: Golden Road to Unlimited Power




Volume 3






A Treatise on Vedic Thermodynamics.

Exploring Philosophical, Astronomical and Cosmological Foundations of Perpetual Motion in Vedas




Volume 4



From Understanding of Motion to Perpetual Motion

Basic Fundamentals of Perpetual Motion

Meaning and Understanding of Perpetual Motion




Volume 5:

The Suppression of Inventor and Crucifixion of Perpetual Motion




Volume 6



As A Perpetual Motion Process

Exploring Intelligent Design Argument




Volume 7




Limitations of Science

Exploring Ancient Wisdom




Volume 8



But Flaws, Fallacies and Follies in Name of Science, Where Science Went Wrong?

Exploring Bad Science




Volume 9



Perpetual Motion Retold

From Discovery to Innovation

Part I

Perpetual motion in Ancient and Medieval Times




Volume 10



Perpetual Motion retold

From Discovery to Innovation

Part II

Perpetual motion Since Renaissance




Volume 11



Forgotten Inventor of Perpetual Motion

The Man Who Could Have Revolutionized the World ?




Volume 12



A Long Stride on a Wrong Path

Part I

The Development of Mechanics




Volume 13



A Long Stride on a Wrong Path

Part II

The Development of Thermodynamics and Modern Physics



Volume 14


A Brief History of Free Energy

Making the Dream of Free Energy a Reality



Volume 15



The Golden Road to Unlimited Power,




Volume 16


Perpetual Motion Bridges

Science, Technology and Religion



Volume 17


The Brief Story of My Journey of Perpetual Motion



Volume 18


Is He A Crackpot or Genius?

An Enquiry Into The Methods, Philosophy And Life Of A Perpetual Motion Inventor




Why Should Energy Be Treated as Commodity?



Bugaboo of Energy Crisis



Bugaboo of Energy Conservation



We Want Free Energy



Gravity: An Inexhaustible Source of Energy



Deva Ramananda : The Prophet of Perpetual Motion



Perpetual Motion in Vedas



Rbhus, Vedic Inventors of Perpetual Motion



Vedic Cosmology



Creation of the World



Gravity and Perpetual Motion



Principle of Harmony



Nature and Action of Gravity



Gravity as Master Cosmic Force



History and Origins of Principle of Perpetual Motion



Idea of Perpetual Motion is Contagious



Councilor Orffyreus (1680-1745)



History Convicts a Great Inventor



Failures in Perpetual Motion And Sufferings



Problem of Friction?



Why to Fail in Perpetual Motion?



Risk Involved in Perpetual Motion



Management of Perpetual Motion in Present and Futuristic Perspective



Perpetual Motionist: Mover and Shaker



Perpetual Motion Is Playful Activity



Why Does Physicist Ridicule Perpetual Motion?



Physicist and his Scientific Tunnel Vision



Limitations of Scientific Method



Art of Free Inquiry



Deva Ramananda’s Spiritual-Scientific Method



Science and Perpetual Motion



World view of Scientist



Laws of Nature



Science Of Energy Creation



Understanding Perpetual motion



Definitions and Meaning of Perpetual Motion



Perpetual Motion and Evolution



Perpetual Motion as Science of Energy Creation



Mathematical Proof of Perpetual Motion



Over-Balancing Wheel



Is Over-balancing Wheel Auspicious?



Working Mechanism



The Mystery of Energy



The Law of Conservation of Energy



Desana Tribe and their Version of Law of Conservation of Energy



Where Does Energy Come From?  Search for an Alternative Paradigm of Energy






How it Happened?



My Vedic Studies



Defamation and Mishaps



A Revenge by Her



My Failed Attempts at Perpetual Motion Machine Taught Me Lot



Need for Perpetual Motion Education



Start Early



Promoting Perpetual Motion



Scope of Perpetual Motion



Why Degeneration of Perpetual Motion



Notes and References



EEC Series of Books



Author’s Introduction



Volume 2: Why to Live with Less Energy?

Hopefully, you will agree with my views that you will find in the pages of my EEC series of books but I am also equally aware that you may not agree with me on certain points discussed in these volumes. Before arriving at any definite conclusions to anything published in these books, I shall advise you to do your own research & contribute your own unique creative insights. My views and thoughts contained in these books are mostly anti scientific establishment, non-dogmatic. They contain explorations of ideas largely found in Eastern ancient Wisdom like Vedas etc, as well as my own creative ideas with freedom of thought. According to doctrine of “Syadvada” in Jainism, no truth is final, therefore, never bound yourself to saying this is the only truth. Truth is always plural and that which is plural is not the “absolute truth”!

Dr. Ramesh Menaria's entire EEC series of books with 18 titles fills up more than 7000 pages. Contents and page numbers of EEC series of books are subject to minor changes as all the 18 manuscripts are being edited and reedited until they finally get published by Deva publishers.

NB: This site will go on line long before all possible topics have been treated; please forgive me if you seek information on a given topic and I have no information there yet.

Dr. Ramesh menaria