Infinite Energy From Nothing, Perpetual Motion Bridges Science, Technology and Religion

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Energy From Nothing Perpetual Motion Bridges Science Technology and Religion
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Full Title Volume 16:

“Infinite Energy  From Nothing”

Perpetual Motion Bridges Science, Technology and Religion

Volume 16

Length of Volume 16 : 250 pages





.....From the phenomena of perpetual motions to investigate the forces of nature, and then, from these forces to demonstrate the phenomena of ‘creation of energy out of nothing’ and infer that entire existence has sprung from nothing is the focus of this book. We see that idea of the universe emerging from nothing, in fact, is a very old idea as found in wisdom of old religions and philosophy. In this volume, by his crucial experiment of Over-balancing wheel and rationale enquiry into it, author will carry you to those same revelations about the genesis of universe from nothing which our sages experienced in the heightened state of consciousness. This of course leads us to the question - how could the Universe have been created from Nothingness? I think perpetual motion reflects upon many such riddles of universe. We cannot accurately describe what is ‘nothingness’ but we know certain how a perpetual motion machine creates energy out of nothing. Creation of energy from nothingness is a reality demonstrable by a perpetual motion machine. We have enough trouble trying to work out the true nature of Space, Time, Energy/Mass and Gravity. At the high energy end of Existence things are very different. What is reality of nothingness? We can regard the space between atoms or particles as space-time not filled with matter and radiation. Atoms are 99% nothing and 1% matter. Matter is Nothingness in a contracted state.....


....Perpetual motion is a constant process of discovery as much as self-revelation, for you and for me. Ultimately, you are what you do. So, with understanding of mechanism- how does a perpetual motion machine create energy? -and where does energy come from? -we become more introspective, and further research over the nature of energy leads us to realm of self realization and spiritualism. . As we go on living, we learn through natural experience. Perpetual motion machine making speeds up this process of learning. Anything that brings deep understanding of energy and that eventually leads us to self realization is indeed a supreme science and supreme knowledge. Gita refers to this science as –


“rajavidya raja-guhyam pavitram idam utamam |

 pratyaksavagamam dharmayam sukham kartum avyayam ||


Meaning: “this knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets, it is purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of the religion, it is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.”


....The ultimate purpose of human life is to understand the spiritual nature of energy and find out our relationship with Supreme and eventually unite with it. Perpetual motion is big a step towards it as it initially demonstrates us that whole is greater than sum of it parts; which creates energy from nothing by using principle of harmony, symmetry and synergy. The worldview, which emerges from the study of perpetual motion, is holistic which by a happy coincidence is parallel to the eastern mysticism. Perpetual motion shows striking parallels to the religion and bridge the gap between science, technology and religion. ....


.... There are several ideas developed in this volume that have been simmering in the mind of the author for many years. The author is not claiming originality for the ideas herein presented except for those that are found to be totally unacceptable. The acceptable ones, if any, he probably received from prior sources either consciously or unconsciously. The philosophy herein presented is offered on experimental basis. The reader has right to disagree emphatically or even to take issue either in the whole or in part. In no way the ideas presented by author are claimed to be final, however, he has right to change his ideas and point of view even before manuscript is published.  The Zero energy, which author has discovered, is indeed mysterious.  Einstein will be disappointed to see that this is not governed by his rhyme equation E= mc2 that deals with mass energy transformations.  Equally, this energy cannot always be conserved at the command of Helmholtz, Robert Mayer, Joule, or Carnot also.  Contrary to their laws, this energy creates the world from ‘nothing’ or world is just manifested form of zero energy.  Zero energy also cannot be discontinuous on the suggestion of Max Plank and does not change into entropy to satisfy Clausius. If you want to visualize zero energy, it resembles space-time singularity of a black hole where the laws of physics discovered by great mental giants of science cease to apply. To me perpetual motion seems to represent a command meeting ground for the philosophy, science, technology, and the religion, which is the need of the hour.  In this volume excursions are taken in territory that either located in that vague region on the boundaries of domain of science or into territory completely beyond the boundary but still within the range of communication of the control structure of emerging science. These excursions are not taken for mere pleasure and for emotional, intellectual and aesthetical satisfaction. The author have definite reasons for these excursions as they are integral part of reflections and interpretations of working of Over-balancing wheel which by creating energy out of nothing directly links us to mysterious realm of “nothingness” which lies in domain of metaphysics or spiritual science, hence metaphysics result in significant contributions to the control structure of perpetual motion. Others may not wish to take the same journey. Wandering in this distant metaphysical territory is anyone’s privilege.....


.....Perpetual motion can change our perception of the Universe from a conservative system to a creative system.  Perpetual motion has enough strength to force us to reconsider our ideas about energy and origin of the Universe. Our effort to understand the cosmos can be very well facilitated by construction of a gravity perpetual motion machine, and many other types of perpetual motion machine that waits to be invented in near future.  We must first direct our energies to design various other perpetual motion machines based on the force other than gravity. Implications of perpetual motion machines may then unfold in a variety of ways, which may one day render our present knowledge of the cosmos as obsolete as those of medieval philosopher who speculated cosmos as a machine set in motion and allowed to run down like the spring of the watch.  In the light of energy creation principle, there is urgent need to identify various energy release mechanisms in domains of particle physics and cosmology.  Perpetual motion easily explains our physical world --- No special creations; No ad hoc laws to avoid paradoxes; No bias; No unnatural blueprints; No illogical happenings. Physicists should be happy that all fundamental necessities in perpetual motion already exist. I am sure present volume “Energy from Nothing” in light of perpetual motion   would inspire you to settle your own philosophy of energy and perpetual motion.  You may have already done some philosophical thinking on this subject.  Author does not claim that his philosophy of energy regarding ultimate nature and behavior of energy is perfect. It may not have details of a good theory, however, a “touch and go” feeling to reader is enough to initiate an enquiry.  It is just an effort to take the reader to the nature of energy in an informal manner, in the light of working of the perpetual motion machine.  It is therefore, hoped that that they will take it in an informal, easy, and playful manner, author’s sole purpose is to awaken their interest and curiosity and show some glimpses of truth about nature of energy- everything through investigations into Over-balancing wheel.  ….




1       Introduction      

2       Where Does Created Energy Come From?

3       Ultimate Questions Are Not Answerable     

4       God Has No Role As A Storekeeper Who Has To Remain Busy With Maintaining The Accounts Of Energy

5       Perpetual Motion and The Mystery of Nothing    

6       Discovery of Zero      

7       The Mystery of Zero 


          Budhhist Void   





9       Chinese Thoughts On Nothingness      

          What is this Tao?       



          Yin Yang  




          Terrible Initial Conditions


          Cosmological Constant      

          Primeval Atom 

          Limitations of Big Bang Theory

          Objections to Creation and Why They are Flawed       

          Inflationary Universe

          Quantum Model of Universe      

          Steady-state Model   

          Oscillating Model      




          About EEC Series of Books        

          Author’s Introduction

The Brief Story of My Journey of Perpetual Motion

Hopefully, you will agree with my views that you will find in the pages of my EEC series of books but I am also equally aware that you may not agree with me on certain points discussed in these volumes. Before arriving at any definite conclusions to anything published in these books, I shall advise you to do your own research & contribute your own unique creative insights. My views and thoughts contained in these books are mostly anti scientific establishment, non-dogmatic. They contain explorations of ideas largely found in Eastern ancient Wisdom like Vedas etc, as well as my own creative ideas with freedom of thought. According to doctrine of “Syadvada” in Jainism, no truth is final, therefore, never bound yourself to saying this is the only truth. Truth is always plural and that which is plural is not the “absolute truth”!

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