Om : Anahat Nada
Ekam Bahushyami : Universe was born out from Shabda Brihma

Agni is eternal, the energy of Universe
Born from Nothing


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Universe is in Perpetual Motion
Universe was born from nothing



Water, Wind, Agni and Gravity are Nature's Gift
So is the Energy in Nature for Work we can get !!!



Dear Perpetual Motion and Free Energy enthusiasts ! Visitors are very welcome.

On this home page, I'll introduce myself and talk about my reasons for wanting a web site on perpetual motion and free energy. I have put some information about forthcoming series of my books on perpetual motion entitled "Moving Towards the End of Energy Crisis" (EEC Series) containing 18 volumes.


 Perpetual motion represents man’s eternal desire to get power and comfort from nothing to move out where he wants to go or to get works done without any effort or without any expenditure of power. The search for perpetual motion depicts man’s perennial struggle to reduce his painful experience of labor. For thousands years, the art of perpetual motion captivated many noble spirits, and was believed in by millions. It is unfortunate that science erroneously regards perpetual motion as impossible or something as will o wisp.  Scientists’ inability to design a working perpetual motion machine has been only due to lack of faith and technical shortcomings on their part; it is not a consequence of any fundamental natural laws. From the perpetual motion of huge heavenely bodies to minutest elementary particle,everything in the universe is in the state of perpetual motion. Perpetual motion is one great fact that has completely eluded scientist. Let us try to bear this as our watchword, that “Until conclusively proven otherwise, nothing can truly be regarded as totally impossible!”  It is even pointed out in the Bible by Jesus Christ:  “….  If you have the faith and doubt not … ye shall say unto this mountain: “Be thou removed and cast into the sea”; it shall be done”. 


Many talented inventors especially Edward Somerset, second marques of Worcester, and Councilor Orffyreus invented perpetual motion machines in the past but they are largely forgotten today. Let us have faith in their works, let us have faith in the mechanical art of perpetual motion itself and its potential to eliminate energy crisis. As a result if this could be achieved again, technical advances in the future will make them all possible for our descendants.


 Although we are stranger to each other with difference of time, place, country, cast and creed; but when it comes to the point of perpetual motion where we share our views, our ideas, our beliefs with each other for the betterment of the mankind and pledge to emancipate world from energy crisis, the Almighty brings us together on the platform of humanity. Let us unite together for perpetual motion and work together to achieve long cherished dream of free energy and power by perpetual motion!

As I am finding myself with you now; though our dreams to get free energy  are same, our aspirations are same, our problems are same, yet methods are different and differences   still increase day by day in our free energy society.    The need of hour is to share the information and unite together. These web pages are meant to help people fulfill their wishes and realize their long cherished dreams about energy from nothing. Site focuses mainly on the one of the most popular methods of harnessing energy from gravity by “Gravity perpetual motion machine” also called as “Over-Balancing Wheel”  or Gravity Motors as I prefer to call it. For finding the truth about “Over-Balancing Wheel” of Orffyreus, you may visit the site  Orffyreus and his Perpetual Motion Machines.

Let us reinvent perpetual motion again!

Over balancing wheel must have a right design.
A large number of designs can be constructed.

The design of axle is crucial.
Perpetual motion is fraught with failures.
But never stop. Go on building !!!

Authors' Forthcoming 18 Ttiles on Perpetual Motion


 More about site:


I have recently become aware of this excellent means of communicating ideas to my fellow perpetual motion enthusiasts through web. I would like to ask your indulgence in some of my thoughts about perpetual motion today. Here you will learn about my work on Perpetual Motion and other  inventors. You'll also learn all about research  in the field of alternative energy, Green chemistry and photo chemistry. I've even included a list of my favorite links to other sites.



             I have discovered during my professional career that in order to increase our comprehension of the material world, in order to enrich our life it is necessary to study, design and develop perpetual motion machine and then ask significant questions about energy and its nature; putative laws of thermodynamics and then try to answer them, as completely and rigorously as possible-no matter how hard this may seem to be at the outset. A “significant question” to me is one whose answer could possibly increase our understanding.


             THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE and under the banner of this slogan I am going to offer you that which is useful to the best of my knowledge in perpetual motion.



    With each passing day, a new web site or innovation makes its' debut on the World Wide Web. As you have been surfing the web for a while, you have been visiting a variety of web sites, good and bad. I understand that you have also been disappointed by some of the utterly useless sites that litter the WEB.


I have strong reasons for wanting to create this Web site for your benefit and for the benefit of the mankind as a whole. I have a mission, a message to share with you. And I am sure that it is going to benefit you enormously whether you are a businessman, academician, administrator, inventor, student, scientist or a saint.

The site should interest people involved in or interested in science - scientists, students of science and philosophers and sociologists of science.


         The site is an antiestablishment document, its particular theme being perpetual motion, its omission, misrepresentation and malpractice in science. This site focuses on my own experiences in the shady field of perpetual motion. I believe that you are fortunate to have visited this site. I have big information in these web pages, some thing unbelievable which I am sure, will bring to you untold wealth and fortunes-- just out of nothing.


The Two Main Purposes of this Website:


( i ) To show perpetual motion is possible, to show how knowledge of perpetual motion solves many of the problems of Physics, Philosophy, Cosmology, Metaphysics and Theology - moreover there are many problems caused by the current energy crisis threatening very existence of modern life.


( ii ) And most importantly, to share this knowledge with others such that many people can work together to correct past errors both in human knowledge, and in human society, and thus contribute to a better future for Humanity which requires a great deal of work, and is part of the function of the ZERO India ( Zero Energy Research Organization, India ).


Besides information about my EEC series of books, in this site you will find essays on perpetual motion, free energy, Orffyreus and other inventors of perpetual motion machines, science and its limitations. In these essays I will try to convey my ideas based on my research experience in the field.  I hope to give new, uncommon points of view, which will stimulate the visitors to develop new outlooks. I will add more essays as the time allows me to do, so keep on visiting occasionally. I will be expecting to have your comments. Write whatever you feel like. Thanks visit again.     

Moving Towards The End of Energy Crisis
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The Suppression of Inventor and Crucifixion of Perpetual Motion
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Truth of Perpetual Motion and Limitations of Science, Exploring Ancient Wisdom
Flaws, Fallacies and Follies in Name of Science, Where Science Went Wrong?
The Story of Mans Hunt For Free Motive Power and Energy Perpetual Motion Retold
Perpetual Motion Retold From Discovery to Innovation. Part II
Councilor Orffyreus. Forgotten Inventor of Perpetual Motion
The Law of Conservation Of Energy A Long Stride on a Wrong Path Part I
The Law of Conservation Of Energy: A Long Stride on a Wrong Path, Part II
Free Energy Revolution, A Brief History of Free Energy
A Treatise on Design of Gravity Perpetual Motion
Energy From Nothing Perpetual Motion Bridges Science Technology and Religion
How Did It Happen? A Brief Story of My Journey of Perpetual Motion
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Dr. Ramesh Menaria's entire EEC series of books with 18 titles fills up more than 7000 pages. Contents and page numbers of EEC series of books are subject to minor changes as all the 18 manuscripts are being edited and reedited until they finally get published by Deva publishers.

NB: This site will go on line long before all possible topics have been treated; please forgive me if you seek information on a given topic and I have no information there yet.

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Hopefully, you will agree with my views that you will find in the pages of my EEC series of books but I am also equally aware that you may not agree with me on certain points discussed in these volumes. Before arriving at any definite conclusions to anything published in these books, I shall advise you to do your own research & contribute your own unique creative insights. My views and thoughts contained in these books are mostly anti scientific establishment, non-dogmatic. They contain explorations of ideas largely found in Eastern ancient Wisdom like Vedas etc, as well as my own creative ideas with freedom of thought. According to doctrine of “Syadvada” in Jainism, no truth is final, therefore, never bound yourself to saying this is the only truth. Truth is always plural and that which is plural is not the “absolute truth”!

Dr. Ramesh Menaria's entire EEC series of books with 18 titles fills up more than 7000 pages. Contents and page numbers of EEC series of books are subject to minor changes as all the 18 manuscripts are being edited and reedited until they finally get published by Deva publishers.

NB: This site will go on line long before all possible topics have been treated; please forgive me if you seek information on a given topic and I have no information there yet.

Dr. Ramesh menaria



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