Flaws, Fallacies and Follies in Name of Science, Where Science Went Wrong?
Moving Towards The End of Energy Crisis
Why to Live with Less Energy?
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Basic Fundamentals of Perpetual Motion
The Suppression of Inventor and Crucifixion of Perpetual Motion
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Flaws, Fallacies and Follies in Name of Science, Where Science Went Wrong?
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Full Title Volume 8:

No Flaws in Laws of Allah! But Flaws, Fallacies and Follies in Name of Science, Where Science Went Wrong? Exploring Bad Science

Volume 8

Length of Volume 8: 300 pages





....During the writing of EEC of books my own interests have moved away from perpetual motion to towards an examination of science itself, its people, its methods, its institutions and its practices. Virtually everyone who is scientifically literate is sure that perpetual motion is impossible and energy cannot be created. The principle of conservation of energy has been in use by the scientific community and they have been glorifying it for last one hundred eighty years. There are all sorts of "versions" of this principle, old and new, but few scientists or science teachers would believe that there is anything seriously or obviously wrong with it or that it is not substantially in accord with perpetual motion which is proven fact. Thermodynamics is regarded as "hard" science and has been exempt from the type of debates that pester other scientific dogma. Errors are often made at key, fundamental points. The large body of "knowledge" carefully derived from such erroneous foundations will also be faulty. Had perpetual motion been impartially investigated by few true men of science like a few perpetual motionists more desirous of questioning nature than mere expediency, the course of science would have been different. The educational system, the popular press, and especially the scientific community, have not served adequately in describing factual information about perpetual motion. The book reviews social aspects of science and synthesize my views on relevant social and philosophical issues. My purpose is to expose the reality of establishment malpractice into scientific philosophy and sociology. ....


....It is claimed by scientist that science is primarily a methodology based on factual data, repeatable experiments, and unequivocally testable hypotheses. Scientists also claim that they have an open mind approach. However, our experience has shown that science is not what scientists promise. They have double standards as facts are different from their philosophy. Experts can give us valuable insights, but they can also unintentionally mislead us.  This book is also about the way scientists cheat, by falsifying perpetual motion and rigging debate to include and acknowledge only their sacred laws and "acceptable" opinion. Present book exposes follies that are specific to physics. It is no surprise  that “scientific institutions permit arbitrary, unsubstantial and even manifestly wrong, assessments to be imposed by their establishment figures, while practices and procedures adopted with the supposed intent of maintaining quality, actually operate to suppress criticism and conceal such establishment cheating.” ....


....It is also problem with the scientists that they do not believe that something is a fact unless it is perceived by senses and proved by the experiment. Under intoxication of law of conservation of energy, Physicist is in fact a “conditioned soul”. Professor T.D. Singh (Bhaktisvarupa Shri Damodar Swami ) says:


“There are four principal defects inherent in the conditioned soul, namely imperfect senses, the propensity to cheat, surety of committing mistakes and surety of being illusioned. Therefore, conditioned soul is completely unfit to make any rules and regulations and establish scientific laws. Sastric Injunctions are the supreme Judgments.”


....The section “Frauds in Science” levels charges of unfair, inaccurate and misleading reportage against scientists.  It names them and their institutions. This raises serious questions concerning their work and behaviour. These cases of frauds have already been reported. I have tried to report fairly, accurately and with balance. If it contains any inaccuracies, they are unintentional and would be willingly corrected. The section “Suppression of Invention” is based on suppression stories that have appeared in many journals, magazines from time to time and also my own experiences in the field of perpetual motion. In short, establishment science, like institutions everywhere, responds to dissent with suppression, while establishment scientists can and do develop a habit of suppressing truth. I think the practices described are widespread.  The phenomenon described here in free energy and perpetual motion field, seems just a manifestation of a wider socio-scientific syndrome in which establishment self-interest routinely overrides truth. Daryl E. Chubin said: “False authorship or redundant publication is no solitary act. It occurs in an organizational setting that either elicits such behaviour or does nothing to prohibit it. Such a setting creates a climate for malpractice: the combination of silence, lack of monitoring, and unknown rules equals a conspiracy of normlessness.”  Accepting perpetual motion and discarding the major law of conservation of energy based on widely accepted belief system, will have important social consequences....


Deva Ramananda seems to have copied quotes and their sources from secondary sources, instead of looking up the original sources – but that he has given citations to the secondary sources. ....


Professor T.D. Singh” (Italics by author) Page 43, “Scientific Basis of Krsna Consciousness.”  The Bhaktivedanta Trust, Hare Krishna Land, Juhu, Mumbai, 400 049, India




i         Preface    

ii        Acknowledgements









          3.1 Cooking Data      

          3,2 The Misallocation of Credit  

          3.3 Negligence  

          3.4 Dismal Standards of Indian Research    




          4.4 Consensus Can Change Over Time        

          4.5 Scientific Consensus and the Scientific Minority     

          4.6 Herd Instinct



“The Science Of Things That Aren’t So”












          10.1 Characteristics of Pseudoscience

          10.2 Pseudoscientific Claims







A Brief Survey Of Definitions And Debate Around Them     


          12.1 The National Academy of Science's Response




          13.1 Spectrum of Bad Science   

          13.2 Example of Definitions from A Lancet Review On Handling of Scientific Misconduct in Scandinavian Countries        

          13.3 Accountability of Authors and of Coauthors: Self-plagiarism

          13.4 Other Forms of Misconduct in Science         

          13.5 Photo Manipulation   

          13.6 Career Pressure

          13.7 Reproducibility  

          13.8 Consequences    

          13.9 List of Misconduct…………………… 

          13.10 Measures to Check Misconduct

          13.11 Journal peer view………………………




          14.1 Fabrication, Falsification, Plagiarism By Great Men Of Science:: Isaac Newton, Sigmund Freud, Robert Milliken, Sir Arthur Eddington  

          14.2 Einstein’s Plagiarism and his Lullaby Equation E=MC2        

          14.3 Archaeological Forgery      

          14.4 Calaveras Skull 

          14.5 The Embryonic Recapitulation Hoax’ 

          14.6 The Piltdown Hoax    

          14.7 Myths of Giant Men   

          14.8 The Fejee Mermaid   

          14.9 The Cardiff Giant “America's Greatest Hoax”    

          14.10 Monsters of the Sea           

          14.11 Archaeoraptor liaoningensis      

          14.12 Lithographia Wirceburgensis


          Recent Frauds


14.13 The Cold Fusion Incident 

          14.14 The Biggest Scandal in the Bird World       

          14.15 Archaeoraptor

          14.16 High Tension Wires Hazards to Human Health  

          14.17 Japanese Paleolithic Hoax - “God's hand” Incident   

          14.18 A Case of Fraud at Bell Laboratories

          14.19 Professor Hwng’s Cloning Fraud at Seoul National University




          15.1 The Great Betrayal: Fraud in Science

          15.2 Studies To Find Out Frauds In Bio- Medical Sciences   

          15.3 Well Publicized Cases of Fraud   

          15.4 Controversial HIV/AIDS    

          15.5 Measures to Check Fraud  

          15.6 Reference Materials on Misconduct    

          15.7 Indian Measures to Check Misconduct

          15.8 The Society for Scientific Values (SSV)        



          17.1 Rejection of Obscure Inventor…

          17.2 Suppression of Free Energy Research 

          17.3 Truth of Big Bang      

          17.4 Theory of Relativity and Perpetual Motion  

          17.5 Anti Gravity       

          17.6 Cold Fusion       


18     Notes and References        

19     Appendices       

          EEC Series Of Books

          Author’s Introduction         


History of Perpetual Motion Ancient and Medieval

Hopefully, you will agree with my views that you will find in the pages of my EEC series of books but I am also equally aware that you may not agree with me on certain points discussed in these volumes. Before arriving at any definite conclusions to anything published in these books, I shall advise you to do your own research & contribute your own unique creative insights. My views and thoughts contained in these books are mostly anti scientific establishment, non-dogmatic. They contain explorations of ideas largely found in Eastern ancient Wisdom like Vedas etc, as well as my own creative ideas with freedom of thought. According to doctrine of “Syadvada” in Jainism, no truth is final, therefore, never bound yourself to saying this is the only truth. Truth is always plural and that which is plural is not the “absolute truth”!

Dr. Ramesh Menaria's entire EEC series of books with 18 titles fills up more than 7000 pages. Contents and page numbers of EEC series of books are subject to minor changes as all the 18 manuscripts are being edited and reedited until they finally get published by Deva publishers.

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